Dimensional Stone Print

Childs & Childs Dimensional Stone Products

Childs & Childs Granite Company offers many types of dimensional stone products including: granite curbing, cobblestones, granite pavers, landscaping stones, granite slabs, granite steps, granite millstones and other building products has proven to be very beneficial to the landscaping and construction industry.

Granite Curbing

Granite Curbing is a solution for many landscape and public road projects. Granite's strength and longevity result in a superior choice to concrete. In addition to its natural beauty, resistance to heat, cold and bad weather, granite curbing can endure the daily abuse of large tires, extreme weight, scraping, heavy traffic, and salt.

Pavers & Walls

Call us about your landscape or development project. From city and other government projects to corporate, home landscaping, courtyards, and veteran-memorial parks, granite is an excellent choice for special projects. Granite pavers and walls are low maintenance, durable for many generations to come. Contact us today about your project.