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Childs & Childs Featured In Winter 2019 Graniteer

Childs & Childs Featured In Winter 2019 Graniteer

Childs & Childs Featured In Spring 2020 Graniteer

Childs & Childs Featured In Winter 2019 Graniteer

Childs & Childs

Childs & Childs Featured On Downtown Granite Display

Childs & Childs was recently featured among other outstanding examples of Elberton's fine memorials and craftsmanship.  The display, at the intersection of state highways 77 and 17/72 attract attention from visitors each year.  The Elberton Granite Association has maintained the display for many years as a way to welcome visitors as well as granite wholesalers and retailers to the Granite Capital.

This monument has special meaning to Childs & Childs.  The monument commemorates the life of Jimmy and Sherry Brown, parents of Kenneth Brown, vice president and Childs & Childs.  His father passed away in 2011, and the family took their time designing and crafting a monument that would honor the memory of this special couple.




Childs & Childs Builds Monument For Local Icon

William "Bill" Lester passed away recently, and Childs & Childs was chosen for the job.  "Bill was a great business man and friend," says Kenneth Brown of Childs & Childs.  "He was very involved in civic organizations, church, business, and philanthropy.  When we were approached about this preneed project for such a visible person in our community we were glad to help.

The Lester family monument is located prominently near the focal point of the cemetery where a large statue of Christ overlooks the cemetery.









Childs & Childs Granite Company has been a trusted name in the granite industry for many years.  Our sales staff has more than 70 years of combined experience in serving retailers, quarrying and crafting the finest granite memorials in the industry.

We are proud of our track record and service to our nationwide network of retailers.  We spend time with each one of them, educating them on new granites, new manufacturing techniques and new memorial products that are available.

We are members of the Elberton Granite Association and have served in leadership positions with the organization.

Our products and services include the following:

Single & Double Small Markers
Single & Double Upright Monuments
Estate Monuments
And More

We have access to a large variety of granites in many colors.  Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and estimate for your memorial.  We look forward to talking with you soon.




Childs & Childs Featured

On Cover of Graniteer Magazine

Once again, Childs & Childs has created a monument worthy of placement on the cover of the Elberton Granite Association's Graniteer magazine.  Please check out the Summer 2013 issue for details on this fountain project.





Childs & Childs Featured On

Cover Of Graniteer Magazine

Graniteer Cover(From Fall 2012 Issue of EGA's Graniteer magazine.)

Dr. Don Jeanes was the 14th president and chancellor of Milligan College in Milligan College, Tenn., right outside of Bristol. He was inaugurated in 1997 and made quite the impact on the small Christian College with an enrollment of 1,200 students. A magna cum ladue graduate of Milligan College, class of 1968, he worked at Milligan after graduation and was an active member of the school’s Board from 1981 until he was appointed president.
The former president and first lady were honored with a large granite statue standing in the Mary Swords College in the heart of the northern Tennessee Campus. The Dakota Mahogany granite fountain was designed by Tony Street of Burleson Construction, then brought to White’s Marble Works in Madisonville, Tenn. Owners Allen and Matthew White took the original plans and made slight changes to insure the fountain would work as planned with granite. Childs and Childs Granite Company, Inc., cut the granite slabs for the fountain.
It stands 9-6 tall and is 0-5 thick and is all polished. It has images of Don and Clarinda’s handprints on the front, representing the handprints they will leave on Milligan College forever. Allen said this was a very special project. “We’ve never done anything to this accuracy, it had to be cut just right,” he said. The most difficult part of fabrication was getting the fountain to cascade water just as the designer wanted. There are two reservoirs of water in the fountain; one in the bottom, and one closer to the top. The reservoir on the top was cut like a granite cap to sit inside of the fountain, allowing water to run down the sides without nozzles. To work properly, the channels had to be perfectly level. The fountain was made possible by donations from faculty, staff, alumni, friends and the college’s trustees as a way to celebrate the Jeane’s impact on campus.
A dedication ceremony was held on April 27, 2012. Sadly, Don Jeanes passed away unexpectedly in August 2012. His legacy will forever live on at Milligan College, in the walls of this fountain and in the students he helped.



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